Flower and plant care tips

On their journey from grower to the vase, flowers and plants can face some tough conditions. Throughout the years, Chrysal has developed solutions to keep the quality high and the waste low at all stages of the journey. Here are care tips for some of the most common flowers and plants.

Chrysanthemum care tips

Autumn is almost here and the warm and colourful Chrysanthemum is the Flower of the Month for September, with it’s wide spectrum of colours and varieties. Read more

Strelitzia care tips

Without a doubt the fascinating Strelitzia is our most exotic Flower of the Month yet. The flower, commonly known as a bird of paradise flower, is native to South Africa. Read more

Hydrangea care tips

We bet we're not the only ones who like this flower with its wide variety of shapes and colours. We're delighted to introduce you to new Flower of the Month: the Hydrangea! Read more

Peony care tips

It's peony season, hence it's our Flower of the Month for June (courtesy of The Flower Council of Holland). These flowers have an undeniable charm and elegance, coming in many colours and shapes. Read more

Gerbera care tips

The Gerbera, our new Flower of the Month, barely needs introducing. Such a popular cut flower, surpassed only by the rose, carnation, chrysanthemum and tulip! Read more

Narcissus care tips

For many western societies the Narcissus (also known as Daffodil), our Flower of the Month for March, is a symbol for vanity. This also explains the term narcissism. Read more

Alstroemeria care tips

Alstroemeria: sparkling colours and enduring friendship Alstroemeria is a special flower that's available in many sparkling colours. Read more

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