Chrysal Aqua Pad

Chrysal Aqua Pad is an innovative product for potted plants that helps to reduce pot plant wastage during the retail phase and ensures longer lasting freshness and shelf life. Aqua Pad is a wood fibre mat to be placed between the plant’s grower pot and cover pot or gift bag. It creates a water reservoir for plants susceptible to dehydration issues, such as potted Rose, Azalea and Cyclamen. Aqua Pad consists of 100% natural fibres and is therefore 100% compostable. With Aqua Pad plants can be transported longer or packed earlier. 

  • Increases sales, improves shelf life presentation with healthy looking plants.
  • Prolongs plant life in store by up to 30% and reduces waste in total supply chain.
  • Reduces the need to water plants in store.
  • 100% compostable, so no left-over waste.

Extra information

  • Wrapped Aqua Pad: a wrapping holds the pad material together and prevents it from losing its shape when wetted, thus making it easier to apply, if done so manually.
  • Aqua Pad: Available in different sizes and shapes, enabling automatic application.
  • For more information including available sizes, download the product sheet.



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