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Chrysal FreshPaq

Chrysal FreshPaq packshot

FreshPaq is the new and convenient packaging solution for tulips. With FreshPaq it is possible to transport the flowers both horizontally and without any water. It's also possible to display and present the flowers in store, again, without water. This means an end to "free water" and the risk of spillage in store. Flowers sold in FreshPaq will remain fresh for three days offering retailers and consumers lots of benefits. No wet stems or water dripping during transport and after the purchase the flowers stay fresh for another 24 hours. This gives your customers additional time to get the flowers to their final vase destination, making it an ideal packaging solution for gifts.

  • Keeps flowers fresh without water.
  • No more water in store, eliminating risk of spillage.
  • Easy to take along.
  • Tulips remain fresh for three days.
  • Reduced transport costs due to absence of water.
  • Suitable for online sales.

Extra information

Give your customers the following tips when buying a bouquet in FreshPaq:

  • Wake the flowers from their "beauty sleep" by opening the FreshPaq within 24 hours of purchase.
  • Cut your flowers with a clean and sharp knife, scissors or secateurs.
  • Fill a vase with fresh cold tap water and add Chrysal Flower Food at the correct dosage level.

Flowers will then remain fresh for 7 days.