Flower and plant care tips

On their journey from grower to the vase, flowers and plants can face some tough conditions. Throughout the years, Chrysal has developed solutions to keep the quality high and the waste low at all stages of the journey. Here are care tips for some of the most common flowers and plants.

Calla care tips

May’s flower of the month is the Calla, a flower which stands out in style, simplicity and beauty. Read more

Gerbera care tips

The Gerbera, our new Flower of the Month, doesn't need introducing. It is a very popular cut flower - surpassed only by the rose, carnation, chrysanthemum and tulip - and rightly so! Read more

Anemone care tips

The wonderful anemone is a bulb flower from the Ranunculaceae family. It can be found mostly in areas with a moderate climate. Read more

Freesia care tips

The Freesia is a versatile flower that comes in many sizes, shapes and colours. Let your imagination run wild and combine different colours and different flowers! Read more

Tulip care tips

Everyone loves tulips. They have Spring written all over them and are truly a flower that makes people happy. Read more

Rose care tips

The rose is the queen of flowers; luxurious and romantic. This flower of love is available in a large number of cultivars, colours and shapes. Read more

Carnation care tips

A new month brings a new Flower of the Month. This May, we focus on the beautiful carnation, also known as the Dianthus caryophyllus. Read more

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