Chrysal N'Fuse

07 July 2020

Partnership leads to the usage of less PGR’s for growers

Plant growth regulators are very important for growers to ensure a consistent output of a uniform and healthy crop to ensure maximum sales. Chrysal now introduces N’Fuse in the USA, a liquid adjuvant that will increase the efficacy of your PGR’s at the same time as enabling you to reduce their use, in some cases by as much as 50%.

Chrysal has partnered with Dr. Hans de Ruiter, world renowned expert on adjuvant technology, to introduce Chrysal N’Fuse.  N’Fuse promotes the wetting of a leaf surface and improves the foliar uptake of water-soluble ingredients. Allowing for the use of less agrochemicals. It saves costs, but also gives a more consistent output. The product is crop friendly and is already used on many greenhouse grown ornamentals with over 10 years of proven effectiveness in Europe. The partnership with Dr. Hans de Ruiter has allowed Chrysal to introduce a highly effective adjuvant that is derived from renewable resources. Chrysal N’Fuse is certified for safety and quality according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001. Patrick Kapteijn, Business Development Manager at Chrysal comments: “Chrysal is excited to cooperate with Dr. Hans de Ruiter in making this successful product available for American growers. The unique characteristics of N’Fuse result in dramatic improved uptake for the most commonly used PGR actives daminozide and chlormequat sold under renowned brand names. For growers this means a more uniform crop, less PGR use, saving costs and working more environmentally friendly as well.”  


Chrysal Senior Crop Innovation Specialist Josien van Spingelen explains the use and benefits in this informative webinar 


N’Fuse is currently only available in the USA.

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