Aquastick is an innovative watering system that transfers water naturally from a reservoir in the cover pot to the potted plant. The positive effects are clearly visible: ensuring a healthier plant, better growth and longer lasting freshness. The water reservoir in the potted plant contains on average 2 to 3 weeks of water, depending on the size of the reservoir and how thirsty your plant is. Aquastick enables potted plants to regulate their own water supply and ensures they stay hydrated at all times. Chrysal is exclusive distributor for Aquastick worldwide.


Effects and Benefits

  • Simple solution for keeping plants watered and looking beautiful for everyone.
  • Self-regulating water system which reduces the frequency on which plants needs to be watered.
  • Prolongs plant life and reduces waste in total supply chain.
  • Longer lasting freshness for consumer.

Extra information

  • Aquastick is available in different lengths and sizes and can be used in any type of pot with reservoir.
  • Aquastick can be delivered with a pointed end, necessary for plants in bark such as orchids for example.

Chrysal Aqua Pad

Chrysal Aqua Pad is an innovative product for