Chrysal OVB
Post-harvest treatment

Chrysal OVB

Chrysal OVB

Chrysal OVB is a hydrating post-harvest solution for summer flowers and Chrysanthemum. It stimulates water uptake. This will encourage the flowers to open and stay fresh longer. Sugar can be added to Chrysal OVB to encourage immature buds to flower. It improves the colour and size of the flowers. Chrysal OVB is recommended for use by growers and at flower auctions.

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  • Stimulates water uptake and improves the quality of flowers and leaves.
  • Reduces flower wastage and prolongs the distribution and sales period.

Extra information

  • Available in 5 litre drum. 
  • Can be dosed automatically with a customer specific solution.
  • For more information about Chrysal OVB, read our product sheet.

For more information and availability in your country please contact your local sales manager.


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