Chrysal Premium Powder Stick
Flower food

Chrysal Premium Powder Stick

Chrysal Premium Powder Stick

Chrysal Premium Powder Stick is developed to serve the growing need for quality and convenience. The Premium Powder stick is even more effective than our other flower food: up to 70% extra vase life and is available in Rose, Fairtrade and Mixed Bouquet. The premium packaging is easy to open and is also available on string for automatic application.

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  • Improved formula which extends vase life longer than any other flower food, up to 70%.
  • Reduces the pH and stimulates water uptake and food consumption.
  • Stimulates the bud and flower development, keeps leaves and stems firm and green.
  • Easy to open packaging with Premium  appearance.

Extra information

  • Available on string and string for automatic application (only for Premium Rose powder stick).
  • 1 litre powder sticks:
    • The loose sticks box contains 1500 sticks.
    • The twinpack box contains 750 twinpack sticks.
    • The string box for automatic application contains 2400 sticks.
  • For more information about Chrysal Premium Powder Stick, please read our product sheet.

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