The Beauty of Chrysal!

  • Sharing knowledge

    Sharing knowledge

    Chrysal has extensive, worldwide knowledge of both the horticultural chain and the channels-to-market. This knowledge was gained in the R&D centre and the unique know-how of the technical consultants. Sharing knowledge allows Chrysal to truly help and strengthen our customers’ business.
  • Passion


    Chrysal’s staff is very driven to ensure the best flower and plant care. The passion is shared by all employees worldwide. And, this care is not limited to flowers and plants. Chrysal is committed in helping and supporting customers as well.
  • Taking responsibility

    Taking responsibility

    In 2009, Chrysal set up a Corporate Social Responsibility plan: Chrysal Cares. Chrysal implements CSR projects and activities proactively. Now and in the future. Last year Chrysal’s projects focused especially on waste reduction and water reduction throughout the chain.
  • Innovation


    Innovation is Chrysal’s core. The R&D centre works mainly on product development and product improvement. Chrysal’s continuous research results in an ever more complete range of highly qualitative products and services for the total horticultural chain.

Premium flower and plant care is our specialty.

For more than 80 years, Chrysal has supplied premium flower care products which condition cut flowers for optimal quality. The last few years Chrysal has used her knowledge of flower care to develop a line of plant care products as well. We now have an even more complete line of products to help all parties in the chain - from grower to retailer to consumer – to optimise flower and plant quality and minimise loss. 

We help our clients around the globe with:

  • Flower & plant care products for every stage in the chain.
  • Technical support & advice.
  • Protocols to enable optimal performance.

As a result, this guarantees a sustainable approach, increased consumer satisfaction and ultimately more profit! That’s the beauty of Chrysal.


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