Amaryllis care tips

Flower of the Month December Amaryllis

With Christmas, we cannot miss the wonderful flower, the Amaryllis (official name Hippeastrum). A beautiful flower for the holidays and the uncontested Flower of the Month for December.

There are usually four to six imposing flowers on the stem and it comes in many colours: red, white, pink , striped. The Amaryllis does not have any foliage, which makes it possible to combine in so many ways. Combine colours, add different flowers, or keep it simple: one beautiful flower for a solitary arrangement. To get the most from your Amaryllis, we recommend the use of Chrysal Clear Bulbosa or Universal flower food . The colour, the opening of the flower and the flower life is then truly at its best.

Nice to know

Did you know that one aspect of the Amaryllis is the cracking and curling of the stem ends? You can either prevent this, or use it for a creative effect. Important is cold water and the addition of the right flower food to enjoy this simple arrangement as long as possible. To avoid the curling of the stem, wrap a small piece of tape around the bottom of the stem. 

Amaryllis care tips

Here are some more tips to enjoy this flower for a long time, before, during and after Christmas:

•    Ideally the cut Amaryllis is placed in water for longer enjoyment (although there are inspirational arrangements without water)
•    Trim the stems diagonally.
•    Select a large sturdy vase, as the Amaryllis will get very heavy when it blooms.
•    Make sure that the vase is nice and clean, fill it with water and use Chrysal Clear Bulbosa, or if not available, then Chrysal Clear Universal flower food
•    Place in shallow water to minimize cracking and curling of the stem ends.
•    Place the vase in a reasonably cool place, not in a draught or next to the fruit bowl.

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