Chrysal Arrive Alive

Arrive Alive by Chrysal

Chrysal Arrive Alive will hydrate flowers during transport for 3 to 5 days. It's a patented foam that keeps flowers beautiful without the need for a bucket or vase with water and is therefore very user-friendly. Arrive Alive gives you the advantages of shipping flowers horizontally without the risk of water spillage. Florists can also offer Arrive Alive as an extra service to their customers: they can travel long distances or buy a bouquet a day early reassured that their flowers will arrive fresh. 

Effects & benefits

  • Keeps flowers beautiful without bucket or vase
  • Enables horizontal transport without leakage
  • Best results for longer flower enjoyment when soaked in Professional 2 solution.
  • Easy to use

Extra information

  • For further information download the product sheet here


to enjoy your bouquet as long as possible


to enjoy your bouquet as long as possible

Common problems

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