Chrysal Professional 2

Chrysal Professional 2 5L

Chrysal Professional 2 now has an improved formula to keep flowers beautiful even longer. Professional 2 has been especially developed for use by wholesalers, bouquet makers, florists and retailers,  in vases and buckets of all cut flowers. It contains just enough nutrients for the natural development of flowers whilst preventing flowers opening too soon. The improved formula stimulates water absorption and keeps flowers and leaves fresh and beautiful. The solution can be used up to 5 days, reducing the necessity to change the water as frequently. In addition, it reduces wastage by an average of 50% compared to water alone.

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Effects & benefits

  • Reduces wastage by an average of 50% compared with water alone
  • Makes a longer distribution and sales period possible
  • Keeps flowers beautiful up to 50% longer compared with water alone
  • Save time and money by re-using the solution for up to 5 days

Extra information

  • Suitable for all cut flowers, except Anthurium
  • Available in 1 litre bottles and 5, 10, 25, 100 and 200 litre drums
  • Dosage for optimal results: 5ml per litre of water
  • Can be dosed automatically
  • For more information about Chrysal Professional 2 Concentrated, please read our product sheet.


to enjoy your bouquet as long as possible


to enjoy your bouquet as long as possible

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