Partners in the world of flowers and plants

We work together with main players in the world of flowers and plants, located in The Netherlands, just like Chrysal International. 

The Dutch flower auction Royal FloraHolland flowers the world. The Flower Council of Holland is responsible for the promotion of flowers and plants in various European countries.

Many images on our site are courtesy of Royal FloraHolland and the Flower Council.

We work together with European organisations which focus on florists. 

Florint represents the national Florist Associations of more than 20 European countries and organises many events. Floral Fundamentals connects the growers and suppliers with florists, provides workshops and publishes an inspirational digital magazine. Master Florist strives for florists to work together more, whether they are in the same region or another country.

We are working together with the following parties to do research and share information and knowledge.

Together with Biotalys we investigate the possibilities to protect flowers against fungal infestations.
The Flower Academy  provides training and workshops: specialist in assortment, quality & care, marketing and flower arranging. 

Chrysal Dekker & Hakbijl inspiration

For beautiful inspiration, images and products, we work together with Pure Seasonal FlowersDekker ChrysantenAvalanche RosesHakbijl Glass and Bouquet Tales.


We werken samen met verschillende initiatieven om de duurzaamheid in de horticulturele sector te vergroten. 

Chrysal is Founding Father van Benefits of Nature , met de missie om consumenten te voorzien van mooie, gezonde en duurzame planten. We zijn ook associate member van FSI2025, het "floriculture sustainibility initiative".

More information?

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