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Chrysal Compostable sachet

Chrysal Compostable sachet is our well known flower food in a 100% home compostable packaging. The wellbeing of the environment is becoming evermore important. At Chrysal we are constantly looking for ways to contribute to a better environment. This is why, after extensive tests with multiple materials, we are happy to introduce a compostable flower food sachet. The sachet is produced from 100% home compostable film made from 2 organic layers. This means the sachet can be thrown away together with your garden and organic waste. The sachet is home compostable in 26 weeks time and industrially compostable in 12 weeks; just as quick as a banana or orange peel. Our flower food keeps flowers more beautiful up to 60% longer. The Chrysal Compostable sachet comes in a modern design, in line with our new branded flower food packs.

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  • A packaging that is 100% home compostable in 26 weeks
  • Contains our 99% bio-based formula
  • Contributes to a bio-based economy
  • Certified according to the European norm EN 13432
  • Keeps floral designs fresher and more beautiful up to 60% longer
  • Boosts flower and bud opening

Extra information

  • Available in powders sachets for 1 litre of solution
  • If you want to know more about the Chrysal Compostable sachet, then read our product sheet.

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