Flower food home remedies... Do they work?

27 September 2016
Flower food home remedies

If your looking to care for your flowers using simple home remedies, you should understand the full truth about them. Sure, home remedies can supply some nourishment to a flower, but that doesn’t mean it is a good supplement for flower food. Fresh cut flowers are like babies—they need food and water to survive and attention from harvest to final vase. 
All cut flowers benefit from the nutrients in cut flower food when this is absorbed through the cutting edge of the stems. Good cut flower food should contain the following ingredients:

  • pH regulators
  • Water absorption promoters
  • Nutrients

Chrysal flower food provides all the necessary ingredients for full development of buds and blooms, and helps to increase vase life by up to 60% compared to water alone. Home remedies are based on bits and pieces of truth and flower needs, but commercial formulations provide a balanced combination of the “right stuff”. Flower food home remedies…Do they work?

Provides sugar to feed the blooms, but also feed bacteria actively developing in the solution.  Bacteria will ultimately clog stems and stop water uptake leading to poor hydration.

Does supply a short-term bacteria control, but provides no nutrients for flower development and does not lower pH.

Copper was a common fungicide years ago, but since 1942, there has not been enough copper in pennies to provide any residual effect.

Pin in the neck of tulips
No scientific proven effect and results in a wound by which bacteria and Botrytis can enter.

Provides nutrients, but does not lower the pH and contains nothing to check bacteria.

Lowers the pH of the solution, but provides no nutrients to feed the flower and does not control bacteria.

While home remedies do have some potential benefits, they should NOT be viewed as an effective replacement for flower food. Floral nutrients provide flowers and plants with the proper mix of nutrients, pH correctors, and clarifiers they need to keep fresher longer.

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