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Rose care tips

Care tips roses

The rose is the queen of flowers; luxurious and romantic. This flower of love is available in a large number of cultivars, colours and shapes. Of course you want to enjoy your beautiful roses as long as possible, which is why we've put together a list of rose care tips for both florists and consumers.

A common problem with roses is “bent-neck”. The stem right under the bud is not strong enough to carry the weight of the growing flower, causing it to bend. A good post-harvest treatment such as Chrysal RVB Clear, used by exporters and wholesalers prevents this problem. This will improve water uptake and flower development and reduce early ageing and bent-neck.

The stage at which the flowers are cut is also crucial for roses. If you cut flowers prematurely they are more susceptible to bent-neck, while roses that are cut too late have an increased risk of damage.

Rose care tips for florists:

The best treatment for roses in store involves using a solution of Professional 2. This keeps the roses in top condition, retains their colour and prevents the flowers from opening up too much. Your roses will last a lot longer and you will experience way less waste. For floral arrangements and vases you can use Professional 3. It contains the much needed nutrients that your flowers need to bloom and keeping them fresh for up to 60% longer.

It's always best to leave the thorns on so as to keep the flowers beautiful longer. Removing thorns causes damage to the stem which makes the rose more sensitive to pollution. If you insist on removing the thorns, then do so carefully so you keep the damage to a minimum.

Rose care tips for consumers:

  • Cut off 2-5 cm off the stem
  • Use a clean knife or secateurs
  • Use Chrysal Clear Rosa flower food if available, otherwise Chrysal Clear Universal
  • Remove the lower leaves, so they don’t hang in the water
  • Like all other flowers, keep your roses away from ripening fruit, draughts and direct sunlight
  • Top up the vase with water and flower food when required