Tips overview


How to remove pollen stains from clothing?

There is one big problem with Lilies and that is its pollen on their stamens, which can easily be accidentally knocked off onto clothing. A simple way to prevent getting pollen on your clothes is to remove the anthers (tips of the stamens) as soon as you get the flowers home. Keep repeating this with every bud that opens or cut off the stamens.

Different tips

  • Do not brush or rub with your hand! Human skin contains oils that will help attach the pollen to the fibres: let the pollen dry and remove it with a soft brush
  • Take a piece of adhesive tape and press this onto the pollen. The pollen will adhere to it and can then be removed
  • Use a vacuum cleaner to remove the pollen from the clothing
  • If some pollen stains are stubborn, hang the garment in the sun. The stain and the pollen in it will dry up and can then be removed by one of the above mentioned methods