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Anemone care tips

The wonderful anemone is a bulb flower from the Ranunculaceae family. It can be found mostly in areas with a moderate climate. There are multiple different colours available, ranging from white and red to blue, purple and even yellow. Most anemones, a genus containing over 120 species, blossom during Spring. This makes it a very suitable Flower of the Month for March.

Anemones have a different meaning in different cultures. It is considered a symbol for forsaken love by some, but was also used by European peasants to ward off disease and pests. In some Eastern cultures it can even be a sign of bad luck and sickness. Lucky for us: it is also a beautiful flower that we can thoroughly enjoy.

Anemone care tips for florists

The best treatment for anemone in store involves using a solution of Professional 2. This keeps the flowers in top condition, helps them retain their colour and prevents the flowers from opening up too much. Your anemones will last a lot longer and you will experience way less waste. For floral arrangements and vases you can use Professional 3. It contains the much needed nutrients that your flowers need to bloom and keeping them fresh for up to 60% longer.

Anemone care tips at home