Pure Seasonal Flowers

Tips overview


What are the best cut flower care tips for consumers?

Pure Seasonal Flowers
  • Always buy fresh flowers to enjoy them as long as possible
  • Ensure that you have enough cut flower food for the size of the bouquet and the most suitable vase (min. vase size is 1 litre) – this should be attached to the bouquet you buy. If not, always ask for it!
  • Always use a clean vase (do not use metal or antique crystal vases) and fresh cold tap water
  • Add flower food: following the instruction on the back of the pack regarding volume of water.
  • Cut at least 2 cm off the stem; 5-10 cm is better.
  • Cut the stems with a sharp, clean knife or secateurs at an angle to prevent damaging and flattening of the stem
  • Remove lower leaves which otherwise will be in the vase water, but don’t remove the thorns
  • Be careful where you place your bouquet: flowers don’t like draughts, direct sunlight, proximity to a heater, smoke and the gasses of ripening fruits!
  • Top up with fresh water and the same flower food when the water has decreased to about 1/3 of the height of the vase
  • Enjoy your flowers!