Chrysal: Nurturing beauty

With a legacy that spans back almost a century, Chrysal is still a main driving force and worldwide market leader. Whether you grow, transport, sell, or simply enjoy the beauty of flowers at home, Chrysal has a tailor-made solution to keep cut flowers and potted plants looking fresh for longer. We not only have an extensive knowledge of plants and flowers, but also of all the parties involved in the value chain and their business needs. We aim to match these business needs of our partners with the enjoyment of the consumer: optimal floral and plant performance at the right time will lead to happy customers, and therefore to better and sustainable business results. And, in the end, to a more beautiful world.

Our promise

The world is changing, and so is our business. To be more precise: everything our customers expect from us, and how we add value to their business has changed as well. And so have we. To make this clear to all stakeholders and emphasize our drive and focus, we have the following promise: Chrysal, Nurturing beauty

Nurturing literally means: ‘to support and encourage, as during the period of training or development; to foster, to bring up; train; educate. This is exactly what we as Chrysal do, day in day out. With our products, but also with our extensive knowledge of all things floral, providing the best solutions to our partners and customers. We help them flourish, by nurturing. Further, Nurture is also a noun: something that nourishes; nourishment; food. Well, we don’t have to explain that one, do we?

Beauty is all about the quality of being pleasing, especially to look at, something that gives great pleasure. Beauty also means: ‘something that is an excellent example of its type’. And finally, beauty has a meaning of a quality that makes something especially good or attractive.

And that is exactly what we all continuously strive for!

More information?

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