Tips overview


What is the best kind of container for flowers?

Any kind of container can be used for displaying flowers, however some are more suitable than others for ensuring good flower development. No matter what the material is, make sure that the container is clean! Our advice: try to display your flowers in clean glass containers. Glass is an inert, hard and smooth material which does not cause a reaction between vase water and vase. Glass is not too sensitive to scratches on the inside and is easy to clean. And it  shows the complete bouquet.

Other types of containers can be used, however you could be reducing the vase life of your flowers or even irreparably spoil the container itself!

  • Plastics are not always resistant to acidic vase water and constant cleaning, which causes the inside to turn grey and small scratches to appear. This makes them difficult to clean and has an adverse effect on the vase life of the flowers.
  • Crystal, especially when older often has extremely small pores in which micro-organisms can accumulate. These small pores are difficult to clean and make the vase prone to dullness.
  • Ceramics are relatively neutral if they are glazed. If they are unglazed, or the glaze is chipped, micro-organisms accumulate in the damaged spot. These are difficult to clean and therefore have a negative effect on the flower’s vase life.
  • Metals react with the water. Cut flowers will turn the vase water acidic, just as flower food does. This increases the chance of exchanging metal ions in the vase water. An increased concentration of these metal ions in the water is toxic to flowers and causes burnt leaves and flowers. Always use acid resistant plastic liners in metal containers or vases.