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How do you keep the vase water clean?

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Contamination of vase water is caused by the decomposition of the stems and leaves in the water. If stems have been damaged and start to decompose, bacteria from the surroundings (stem, container/vase, air, leaf) can develop and cause the stem to further decompose resulting in the clouding of the vase. Aesthetics and hygiene of the vase water are the main reasons for keeping the container/vase water clean. By cutting stems and removing the leaves under the water, the natural balance is maintained in the vase and your flowers stay in optimum condition.

Advice for keeping vase water clean

  • Always use clean containers and vases
  • Keep tools and tables clean
  • Use tap water with the correct dosage of flower food to keep your flowers in optimum condition. Make sure there are no leaves in the vase water
  • Reduce the chance for contamination by cutting 5-10 cm off the stems
  • Avoid damaging the stems
  • Top up with fresh water and flower food

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