Chrysal CVBN

Chrysal CVBN is a conditioner for gerbera and foliage used by florists. It is an easy-to-use tablet which helps to maintain a good quality of leaves and flowers, reducing kinked stems. Chrysal CVBN is more effective against bacteria than any other chlorine product. It can also be used to neutralise the damaging effect of daffodil slime in mixed spring bouquets.

  • Reduces flower waste and water consumption
  • Maintains a good quality of leaves and flowers.
  • Also suitable for neutralising the harmful Narcissus slime in mixed bouquets with daffodils.
  • Dissolves quickly and clearly in water.

Extra information

  • Available in an easy to dose dispenser containing 400 tablets.
  • For further information download the product sheet.

Chrysal Professional 2 Concentrated

Chrysal Professional 2 Concentrated now has an