Chrysal Floral Foam ELITE
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Chrysal Floral Foam ELITE

Chrysal Floral Foam ELITE

Chrysal Floral Foam ELITE is a high quality floral foam, available in a range of shapes and sizes. It is ideally combined with Chrysal Professional 3 for beautiful, long-lasting arrangements. Floral Foam ELITE maximises flower life (30% longer than other A brands), has high absorption without dripping and great stem support.

  • Long flower enjoyment
  • Easy to cut with a high absorption of water and no dripping
  • Holds stems well

Extra information

  • All our floral foam is used for wet foam arrangements.  Store under dry conditions. Shelf life of 12 months, if stored under the right conditions.
  • Our assortment exists in various shapes and sizes.

For more information and availability in your country please contact your local sales manager.