Limited flower development

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How to avoid limited bud and flower development?

Limited flower development

Energy is the driving force behind water intake, the production of plant hormones and a natural development of the flower. Without energy, the flower will not be able to develop and the flower wilts more quickly than should be the case. Symptoms of a lack of nutrients are:

  • Limited bud and flower development: flowers get ‘stuck’ in the early stage of development (Iris, Gypsophila, Chrysanthemum, Eustoma)
  • Faded colours: the flower petals do not reach their normal colour intensity in comparison to the flowers on the plant.
  • Limited flower development of the spike: when there is a shortage of energy, the development of the flowers is limited, higher on the spike.

In this case, we recommend to use Chrysal Professional 2 in the post-harvest phase.