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Flower of the Month

Care tips: the Gladioli

The gladioli has an extremely heroic meaning, coming from the Latin ‘gladius’ meaning sword and symbolises strength, victory and pride. Even nowadays in Holland, participants in walking and cycle events are presented with gladioli at the finish line. And we mustn't forget it's Dame Edna's favourite too!

Tips for the florists

To make sure  gladioli stay beautiful even longer, we recommend placing them in a solution of Chrysal Professional 2. This ensures the flowers stay beautiful longer, whilst not opening too much. Gladioli with their structural spikes add great interest to any  bouquet or arrangement. Adding gladioli to foam arrangements or contract work; in which case we recommend using Chrysal Professional 3. This enables the flowers to open faster and to stay beautiful longer, up to 60% compared to water.

Tips for consumers

Place the gladioli in a clean vase and work with clean tools. Cut 3 – 6 cm off the stems. With Chrysal Universal flower food you can enjoy your gladioli longer. Make sure you keep them away from ripening fruit, draft and direct sunlight. When there is only 1/3 of the water left in the vase, top up with more water and additional flower food.