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Dahlia care tips

Originally from Mexico and Central America, the dahlia is a wonderful flower that has over 42 subspecies. The form varies a lot, with flower heads ranging from 5 cm up to 30 cm. You also see great variance in the stem length, ranging in height from 30 cm up to a maximum of 2.4 meter. The dahlia is related to the sunflower, chrysanthemum, daisy and zinnia making it a perfect flower for any colourful summer arrangement. To get the most out of your dahlia we have the following care tips for you.

Dahlia care tips for florists

When working with dahlia as a florist, good hygiene is really important. Make sure your working space is nice and clean, and don't forget to clean your tools. Also, to keep your dahlia in good condition in the store, we recommend using a conditioner like Professional 2. If you do, your customers will surely enjoy their flowers a lot longer.

Dahlia care tips for consumers

  • Use a clean vase, preferably made of glass.
  • Cut the stem 2-5 cm with a clean, sharp knife or secateurs.
  • Use Chrysal Better Bloom flower food to keep your dahlia fresh and beautiful the longest.
  • Keep flowers away from draft, heat and direct sunlight.
  • Enjoy these sunny flowers!