Tips overview


What are the best potted plants care rules for florists?

  • Purchase plants of sufficient maturity and quality
  • Pay attention to the activity of the plants e.g. still developing young leaves and flowers
  • Pay attention to the quality of leaves and flowers; check the colour and the absence of damage
  • Remove damaged and discoloured leaves and flowers
  • Remove wilted plants or plants which may have stopped flowering to maintain a good looking display in the shop
  • Do not spray water on top of the plants as this increases the chance of fungal growth (Botrytis) in flowers and dust stains on the leaves.
  • Avoid draughts and keep away from direct heat sources.
  • Ensure that there is enough water available for the plant. Use rainwater if possible.
  • Soil must be kept moist, prevent excess of water at the bottom of the plant, we advise the use of Aqua Pad
  • Use Chrysal Leafshine to improve shelf life & presentation