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Chrysal Clear Universal ensures that you can enjoy flowers up to 60% longer. It mixes easily and clearly in water, it is odourless, providing all the necessary ingredients for full development of buds and blooms. Accurate dosing is essential for maximum satisfaction. We recommend that you also top up vase water with the right solution of water and flower food. Chrysal Clear Universal is available in powder as well as liquid formulas.

Chrysal CVBN is a conditioner for cut flowers to be used by growers, bouquet makers and florists. It is an easy-to-use tablet which helps to maintain a good quality of leaves and flowers. Chrysal CVBN is more effective against bacteria than any other chlorine product. It also neutralises the damaging effect of daffodil slime in mixed bouquets.

The Chrysal Dosing Unit enables the accurate dosing of flower care products. Correct dosing is vital for conditioning flowers. The dosing unit makes your life easier: just switch on the tap and fill any sized container, bucket or vase with an accurately mixed solution of Chrysal. It saves water, energy and labour costs.

Bees are extremely important to nature. They help flowers and plants reproduce and thus form a crucial part of the ecosystem. Regrettably bees are struggling worldwide. In some areas bees have even completely disappeared.

Chrysal helps fight the decline in bees, both locally and abroad. We do this by supporting the Women's Honey Hub in Uganda. Also, our headquarters in Naarden will host our own Chrysal hive, which will be cared for by enthusiastic volunteers among our employees.

Chrysal GypMix is our new and unique, all-in-one solution to enhance the brightness and whiteness of Gypsophila. It is a combination of two existing Chrysal post-harvest treatments with the addition of our new enhancer Chrysal OptiGyp. Combining Chrysal RVB Clear, Chrysal AVB and Chrysal OptiGyp will enable an improved percentage of opening of the flowers, increased weight of stems and will keep the flowers beautiful and fresher for up to 20 days. It is the optimal solution in reducing cost of sourcing and wastage.

Chrysal Inicial is a conditioning product for Rose, Chrysanthemum, Gerbera and other cut flowers. It is a more stable and effective than liquid chlorine products, reduces the risk of leaf damage and dissolves quickly in water once stirred.

Chrysal LeafShine Concentrate gives leaves of plants, cut foliage and flowers a natural shine. It keeps them dust-free and makes lime spots invisible. The gloss is durable and resistant and helps to reduce evaporation. Your plants remains looking fresh and attractive, increasing shelf life and therefore reducing waste.

Dear florist,

Creating beautiful bouquets and designs is a skill, which you, as a florist have developed over time through experiences, whether good or bad. But the hard work doesn’t start or end there; making your flowers look their best for as long as possible for your customers is also a skill.

Chrysal Professional 2 T-Bags are permeable sachets (T-Bags) with Professional 2 powder. The T-Bags are suitable for all flowers, however for flowers with specific needs such as the Lilium, Alstroemeria and Narcissus we have speciality T-Bags. The T-Bag contains nutrients for the natural development of the flowers, without stimulating their full development. The solution remains active for several days, reducing time and money spent changing and cleaning buckets and keeping the flowers fresh and attractive during transport en in store display.

Chrysal Professional Cleaner is the first step to ensure all your tools and dosing units are free of limescale and organic dirt. It is a gentle product with degreasing action, biodegradable and user-friendly. Flowers and plants stay fresh longer when places in hygienically clean buckets, vases and trays and when they are processed with hygienically clean tools. This product is not harmful to flowers but helps to maintain the quality of your stock and ultimately increase the vase life. Optimal hygiëne helps with happy customers!