Chrysal Clear Fairtrade flower food
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Chrysal Clear Fairtrade

Chrysal Clear Fairtrade flower food

Chrysal Clear Fairtrade flower food contains fairtrade sugar. It ensures your customers can enjoy the flowers longer. It mixes easily and clearly in water, it is odourless, providing all the necessary ingredients for full development of buds and blooms. Our fairtrade formula contains fairtrade sugar.  Accurate dosing is essential for maximum satisfaction. We recommend that you provide the right care tips to your customers and add several packs of flower food for larger vases and for topping up the solution. Chrysal Clear Fairtrade is available as Universal and Rose speciality. 

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  • Has a Fairtrade Certification Mark, sugar is traded in accordance to International Fairtrade standard
  • Chrysal Clear Fairtrade Universal extends the vase life of flowers up to 60% (for roses speciality up to 75%) compared to the use of water alone.
  • Reduces the pH and stimulates water uptake and food consumption.
  • Stimulates the bud and flower development, keeps leaves and stems firm and green.
  • Allows a vase life guarantee of over 7 days.
  • Easy to open sachet which adds to the quality perception of the bouquet.

Extra information

  • 1 litre liquid sticks available in boxes of  1.000 sticks.
  • Chrysal Clear Fairtrade contains 79% Fairtrade sugar.
  • For more information about Chrysal Clear Fairtrade Universal, please read our product sheet.
  • For more information about Chrysal Clear Fairtrade Rosa, please read our product sheet.

Chrysal Clear Universal flower food

Chrysal Clear Universal ensures that you can enjoy

Chrysal Clear Rose food

Chrysal Clear Rosa is suitable for every rose

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