Eustoma post harvest and conditioning
prof 3
Post-harvest treatment

Chrysal Professional 3

prof 3

Chrysal Professional 3 is a conditioning product for all cut flowers, with nutrients which keep the flowers in peak condition. Professional 3 can be used to stimulate bud opening of immature flowers, e.g. carnations. This product comes in powder and liquid form.

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  • NEW Bag-in-box packaging contains up to 70% less plastic
  • Easy to dispose of
  • Keeps flowers in optimum condition and improves flower opening.
  • Maintains true colours and reduces fading of flowers.
  • Prolongs vase life of flowers up to 60% versus water alone.
  • Mixes clearly and odourless in water.

Extra information

  • Available as liquid in 10 litre Bag-in-box:
  • Available as powder: 2,5, 5  and 15kg buckets
  • Professional 3 liquid can be dosed automatically.
  • For more information about Chrysal Professional 3, please read our product sheet liquid or our product sheet powder.

Chrysal Dosing Unit

The Chrysal Dosing Unit enables the accurate

Chrysal Professional 2

Chrysal Professional 2 has been especially

Chrysal Clear Universal flower food

Chrysal Clear Universal ensures that you can enjoy

The effect of Chrysal Professional 3 on roses

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