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Chrysal Dosing Unit
Post-harvest treatment

Chrysal Dosing Unit

Chrysal Dosing Unit

The Chrysal Dosing Unit enables the accurate dosing of flower care products. Correct dosing is vital for conditioning flowers. The dosing unit makes your life easier: just switch on the tap and fill any sized container, bucket or vase with an accurately mixed solution of Chrysal. It saves water, energy and labour costs.

  • Helps to dose flower care products in exactly the required quantity.
  • Ensures high flower quality through easy and effective dosing.
  • Environmentally friendly: uses water pressure only, no electricity is required.

Extra information

  • Available in different models varying in dosing range.
  • Ask you local sales representative for more details, costs, availability in your country and installation options.


Chrysal Professional 2

Chrysal Professional 2 has been especially

Chrysal RVB Clear Intensive

Chrysal RVB Clear Intensive is a clear universal

Chrysal AVB

Chrysal AVB is a post-harvest conditioner for

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