Flower food

Chrysal Recyclable Plastic sachet

Chrysal Recyclable Sachet is made from fully recyclable plastic and contributes to a circular economy. Flowers and buds open more beautifully, it mixes easily and clearly in water and is odourless, provides all the necessary ingredients for full development of buds and blooms. Accurate dosing is essential for maximum satisfaction. We recommend that you provide the right care tips to your customers. We have care tips materials available for you. Add several packs of flower food for larger vases and for topping up the solution. 

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  • Made from 100% recyclable plastic
  • Contains our 99% bio-based formula
  • Contributes to a circular abd bio-based economy
  • Modern design
  • Contains quality flower food, keeps flowers beautiful up to 60% longer

Extra information

  • Powder: 
    • 1 litre powder sachets are available in boxes of 400 to 1,000 sachets.
  • For more information about Chrysal Recyclable Sachet flower food, read our product sheet (PE) or (PP).

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