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Chrysal Alesco® is a post-harvest treatment for plants that are sensitive to ethylene. It prevents shrinkage and premature dropping of buds, leaves and flowers. Also, it protects potted plants against external ethylene sources. Potted plants that have been treated with Chrysal Alesco® last significantly longer.

Ethylene damage is one of the most important factors contributing to shrinkage at retail stores. During shipping and retail conditions, plants are exposed to high levels of ethylene which can cause flower bud abortion, petal shatter, and leaf yellowing, leaving retail store with reduced quality plants and displays that are lacking color to attract consumers.

Chrysal Aqua Pad is an innovative product for potted plants that helps to reduce pot plant wastage during the retail phase and ensures longer lasting freshness and shelf life. Aqua Pad is a wood fibre mat to be placed between the plant’s grower pot and cover pot or gift bag. It creates a water reservoir for plants susceptible to dehydration issues. Aqua Pad consists of 100% natural fibres and is therefore 100% compostable. With Aqua Pad plants can be transported longer or packed earlier. 

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Chrysal Aqua Sub is a gel which provides an extra water buffer for potted plants. It is effective on a wide range of potted plants with the exception of cactus and succulents. The Aqua Sub gives several extra days of shelf life, depending of the amount injected into the soil. There is no free water after application, because Aqua Sub will be fully absorbed in the substrate. It is impossible to use excess Aqua Sub. Once the soil has become saturated the Aqua Sub will not go into the substrate, and you have effectively reached maximum dosage level.

Chrysal Arrive Alive will hydrate flowers during transport for 3 to 5 days. It's a patented foam that keeps flowers beautiful without the need for a bucket or vase with water and is therefore very user-friendly. Arrive Alive gives you the advantages of shipping flowers horizontally without the risk of water spillage. Florists can also offer Arrive Alive as an extra service to their customers: they can travel long distances or buy a bouquet a day early reassured that their flowers will arrive fresh. 

Chrysal AVB is a post-harvest conditioner for ethylene sensitive flowers, such as carnations, lilies and alstroemeria. Improves vase life, diminishes dropping of blooms, leaves and buds and improves bud opening. Chrysal AVB Booster improves the performance of the post-harvest conditioner Chrysal AVB. It stimulates the water and AVB uptake.

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Chrysal Better Bloom is developed especially for florists with all the needed nutrients to keep your amazing floral designs fresher and more beautiful. Flowers and buds open more beautifully, it mixes easily and clearly in water and is odourless, provides all the necessary ingredients for full development of buds and blooms. Accurate dosing is essential for maximum satisfaction. We recommend that you provide the right care tips to your customers. We have care tips materials available for you.

Chrysal BVB helps post-harvest problems for bulb flowers including lily and iris, such as sub-optimal vase life and leaf yellowing. This product is preferably used by growers directly after harvest. Chrysal BVB extends the vase life of flowers considerably through improved bud opening.

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Chrysal BVB & Plus is a post-harvest product especially for tulips. It prevents  stem elongation, a sub-optimal vase life and leaf yellowing. This product is preferably used by growers directly after harvest. Chrysal BVB & Plus extends the vase life of flowers considerably through improved bud opening, stem and flower quality.

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Chrysal Clean Touch is a ready to use spray effectively kills bacteria, fungus and algea with a long-lasting effect, up to 4 weeks. Spray your tools and buckets directly with Chrysal Clean Touch to disinfect keeping your flowers longer fresh, reduce flower wastage and cleaning labour for florists. Clean Touch Disinfectant Concentrated is especially developed for the professional market, only to be used in automated bucket washing machines. Chrysal Clean Touch is odourless and effective against bacteria up to four weeks.