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Narcissus care tips

To keep your Narcissus (and the flowers you combine them with) beautiful the longest, give this advice to your customers.

For many western societies the Narcissus (also known as Daffodil), our Flower of the Month for March, is a symbol for vanity. This also explains the term narcissism. The Narcissus is part of the Amaryllidaceae family and there are approximately thirty different species. The flower is most commonly available in two colours: white and yellow, but more and more colours are becoming available through the breeding of new species.

The Narcissus is known for its negative influence on other cut flowers. It secretes slime that poisons the rest of the bouquet. The slime contains compounds that are toxic to many other flowers. In many cases, the effects are less dramatic, but by no means may they be underestimated. The negative effects can be prevented by using Chrysal CVBN when mixing daffs with other flowers in the shop.  Alternatively, put the daffs in a separate container when first cut, keeping them overnight before mixing them with other flowers. Remember, every time the stem is re-cut, the slime is secreted. 

Narcissus consumer care tips

  • If mixing Narcissus with other flowers, keep the freshly cut Narcissus separate from the other flowers for a couple of hours or ideally overnight, before combining them in a single bouquet. The flower will then no longer secrete its destructive poisonous slime (unless re-cut).
  • Always add the sachet of flower food provided, following the dosage instructions carefully.
  • Work very hygienically.