Post-harvest treatment

Chrysal Rose Dip Service

Chrysal Rose Dip Service is a unique service that facilitates the entire process of dipping your roses to prevent them from developing botrytis (95% effectiveness). The magic combination of products combined with the expertise offered by the Technical Assistant at your farm, will enable you to protect yourself against waste due to botrytis - waste at farm level and from customer rejections. Furthermore, to make this magic dip extra attractive, it will also increase vaselife, enhance colours and helps flowers to open more easily. Contact us today to see how we can set-up this PCPB registered service in your rose farm.

  • Prevents botrytis
  • Prolongs vase life
  • Enhances colours
  • Opens flowers betters
  • Enables possibility for long-storage
  • PCPB registered
  • Dipping as a service

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Chrysal RVB Clear Intensive

Chrysal RVB Clear Intensive is a clear universal

Chrysal RVB Clear Soft Water Intensive

Chrysal RVB Clear Soft Water Intensive is a clear