Pre-harvest treatment


DANISARABA® 20 SC is one of the only mite control products in the market, that works in the quiescent stage of mites. It increases quality of flowers due to mites control and is compatible with biological products within the market for control strategy (within the rotation protocol). It is a common and proven product known in the market for several years and is safe to use in the field and is not harmful to flowers or people

  • Effective on all life stages of mites.
  • Effective solution against Tetranychus spp, Panonychus spp and Oligonychus spp.
  • Important tool for IPM program- It is highly compatible with beneficial insects, natural enemies and predatory mites which are important tools in IPM programs.
  • New mode of action -Useful as a resistance management tool.
  • Quick knock down with long residue effect.
  • Environmental friendly.

Extra information

  • DANISARABA® 20 SC applied is 1 liter approximately per hectare.