Create your own flower food sachet

27 June 2017

Imagine your business card on every bouquet of flowers you sell. Imagine your business' logo at the fingertips of your customers. Now with the launch of Chrysal Customised Sachet we give you the unique chance to distinguish yourself from other flower shops and businesses. In addition you can also respond to important celebrations such as Valentine’s, Mother’s Day and Christmas.

Your floral designs deserve the best opportunity to thrive and look their best for as long as possible; that’s why you choose Chrysal. Now, with Chrysal Customised Sachets (which contain our well known Clear Universal flower food) not only will your flowers last up to 60% longer in comparison with water alone, they can also promote your business at the same time. With low minimum order volumes of just 2,000 sachets, whether it be your business logo or a special event you wish to promote such as Valentine’s or Mother’s Day, Chrysal Customised Sachets give you the option. Create your own design here today!

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