Research shows condition of plants in supermarket influences sales of other products

26 January 2017
Geisenheim research

Recent research, done by the Hochschule Geisenheim University in collaboration with Chrysal, shows that the condition of plants in a supermarket influences the buying intention and the potential amount of sales of other products. A total of 400 people was randomly shown either a picture of a display with fresh plants, or one with withered plants, and then asked to indicate if they would buy at the shown supermarket. Interestingly enough, the intention to buy was 40% higher when shown the picture with fresh plants. Also, the chance that supermarket would be recommended to friends or relatives, was 15% higher with the display of fresh plants, when compared to withered plants. Another interesting conclusion, is that the intention to buy vegetables at the store with fresh plants was 8% higher than at the store where withered plants were shown.

Following these results, we have created a tool to calculate how much sales you could potentially generate by using products like the Chrysal Aqua Pad and the Aquastick to keep the plants in your supermarket looking fresh a lot longer. For more information on the research or if you are interested in using the tool, please contact us. We are always happy to help.

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