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Chrysal Supreme Rosa

With Chrysal Supreme Rosa flower food you offer your customers the best care for their flowers. The flowers develop a lot better and will last up to 60% longer. Also, our flower food mixes clearly and odourless in water. Always advise your customers to dose correctly for the best results.

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  • Contains sufficient food for the full development of rose petals.
  • Extends the vase life of roses by up to 60% versus water alone.
  • Enhances performance in relation to bud opening, colours and size of blooms.
  • Maintains a good leaf quality and prevents “bent-neck”.
  • Allows a vase life guarantee of over 7 days.

Extra information

  • Liquid: 1 litre sticks available in boxes of 100, 400 and 1.000 sticks
  • Powder:  0.5 litre powder sachets are available in boxes of 2.000 and 5.000 sachets. Single & string.
  • 1 litre powder sachets are available in boxes of 1.000 and 2.500 sachets. Single en string.
  • For more information about Chrysal Supreme Rosa flower food, read our product sheet for sachets or liquid sachets.

Chrysal Clear Fairtrade

Chrysal Clear Fairtrade flower food contains

Chrysal Clear Universal flower food

Chrysal Clear Universal ensures that you can enjoy

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