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Patients are always happy to receive a beautiful bouquet of flowers. It cheers them up and greatly improves the atmosphere in the room. Research has shown that patients in a green and blooming environment feel better mentally, which helps them to recover more quickly.

Biotalys NV, a rapidly growing and transformative Food and Crop protection company developing a new generation of protein-based biocontrols, announces a collaboration with Chrysal to protect flowers against fungal diseases and preserve their beauty using its new generation biofungicide. Chrysal is a driving force in the flower industry and worldwide market leader in flower food to protect the beauty of flowers and to keep them looking fresh for longer.

May’s flower of the month is the Calla, a flower which stands out in style, simplicity and beauty. The Calla comes in many colours; white, red, yellow, pink, orange, green, black and multi coloured. The most notable aspect of the Calla is the beautifully shaped spathe. This is also the reason the Calla is considered a lucky flower.

Almost any product can cause skin irritation. Although Chrysal products are not classified as a cause of irritation, there may be circumstances where skin irritation occurs, for example if someone is repeatedly subjected to highly concentrated solutions. One of the most obvious recommendations for preventing skin irritation is to wear protective gloves while working with flowers, particularly if you know you have sensitive skin. This will keep the hands dry, which is important, because wet and/or wounded hands are more susceptible.

A new month brings a new Flower of the Month. This May, we focus on the beautiful carnation, also known as the Dianthus. An occasionally sweet scented flower, which originally was only available in a bright pinkish purple, but can now be found in other colours like red, yellow, green and white as well. Its exact origins are unknown, but the Mediterranean region is often cited. Nowadays, Colombia is the largest producer of carnations in the world.

For the last two years, many prominent floriculture companies and NGO’s have negotiated an agreement in which they promise to trade more sustainably, on the themes of fair wages and crop protection. After many discussions we came to a final agreement that was signed yesterday evening at the World Horti Center in Naaldwijk. We as Chrysal have also been involved in this process and are actively supporting the initiative.

Chrysal works in accordance with international standards, and it is also our preference to work with suppliers who work in accordance with these same standards, for all our production locations across the globe.

Chrysal Africa, the leading supplier of post-harvest treatments and flower care products, celebrated the inauguration of its cutting-edge testing facility today. The event was graced by the attendance of key figures including the Ambassador of The Kingdom of The Netherlands to Kenya, Mr. Maarten Brouwers, CEO of the Kenya Flower Council, Clement Tulezi, representatives from CMA CGM and Maersk, influential growers, major flower importers, and other relevant industry partners.

Chrysal Alesco® is a post-harvest treatment for plants that are sensitive to ethylene. It prevents shrinkage and premature dropping of buds, leaves and flowers. Also, it protects potted plants against external ethylene sources. Potted plants that have been treated with Chrysal Alesco® last significantly longer.

Ethylene damage is one of the most important factors contributing to shrinkage at retail stores. During shipping and retail conditions, plants are exposed to high levels of ethylene which can cause flower bud abortion, petal shatter, and leaf yellowing, leaving retail store with reduced quality plants and displays that are lacking color to attract consumers.

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