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What are the effects of under- and overdosing flower food?

Each sachet of cut flower food contains exactly the right amount of nutrients to make your flowers bloom beautifully and keep the stems and leaves strong. It's super important that you mix the food correctly with the right amount of water, so always check the instructions on the package.

Make sure to use half a liter of water with a half liter package, and a liter of water with a liter package (but note, an average bouquet quickly needs a liter of water, and therefore also a liter of cut flower food). We recommend using a measuring cup. Overdosing or underdosing the food can harm your flowers and results in less vibrant outcomes.

If you use less than 80% of the recommended amount, this can result in:

  • Discoloration of the stem
  • Less development of flower, leaf, shape, color, and scent
  • Limp flower petals
  • Limp leaves and leaf discoloration

Dosing higher than 150% of the recommended amount can lead to burned leaves and stem discoloration. Our tip is to always use the prescribed amount of cut flower food and water, as indicated on the packaging. Do it right and enjoy your radiant flowers!


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