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Lily care tips

This month the majestic lily takes the spotlight. A versatile flower with a powerful scent. It’s pollen however can be easily knocked off onto clothing or furniture for example and cause nasty stains.

Follow our tips on how to best to remove these stains. Did you know that there are also lilies without pollen; these are particularly suitable for bridal bouquets.

Of course you want your customers to enjoy their lilies as long as possible. Therefore always use clean tools to work with, clean buckets and vases and use a solution with Chrysal Professional 2. Chrysal Professional 2 is a conditioning product which contains just enough nutrients to keep the lilies beautiful without over developing them whilst in your shop. Give your customers a sachet of Chrysal Bulbosus with every bouquet of lilies they buy. This is a special flower food providing all the necessary ingredients to enhance the colour, size and full development of buds and blooms.