Gerbera - Flower of the Month - April 2017

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Flower of the Month

Gerbera care tips

Gerbera - Flower of the Month - April 2017

The Gerbera, our new Flower of the Month, doesn't need introducing. It is a very popular cut flower - surpassed only by the rose, carnation, chrysanthemum and tulip - and rightly so!

There is a great variety of shapes and sizes available, in a number of colours including white, orange, red, yellow and pink. Petals of a single flower can even have several different colours. The origin of the Gerbera lies in the tropical regions of Asia, Africa and South America.

Gerbera care tips for growers

For growers looking to enhance the longevity and vibrancy of Gerberas, incorporating Chrysal CVBN into your routine can make a significant difference. Chrysal CVBN is a powerful conditioner for cut flowers, renowned for its efficacy in combating bacteria—far surpassing traditional chlorine-based products. This superior bacterial control not only helps in reducing flower waste but also decreases water consumption, ensuring your Gerberas stay fresh and vibrant longer. With its ability to dissolve quickly and clearly in water, Chrysal CVBN facilitates a straightforward and clean application process, making it an essential tool for growers and bouquet makers who aim for top-quality Gerbera displays.

Gerbera care tips at the florist

At the florist store, hygiene is very important for the Gerbera. So use clean materials, buckets and a clean environment. The stems of Gerberas are very sensitive to pollution. Gerberas do not drink much and the stems contaminate easily. Therefore you should put the Gerberas in a clean bucket with 1 litre of water and Chrysal CVBN tablets. These are available in a convenient click dispenser.

Gerberas that have been pre-treated with Chrysal CVBN have a solid stem and do not require an iron wire. This wire increases the chance of rust which has a negative effect on the vase life of flowers, especially in mixed bouquets. Keep in mind that some types of Gerbera continue to grow in the vase – which is something you should take into account when using it in your bouquets.

As an alternative you can also use Chrysal Professional 2 in your shop. Chrysal Professional 2 is a conditioner to keep your flowers beautiful up to 50% longer versus water alone. Chrysal Professional 2 contains just enough nutrients for the natural development of flowers whilst preventing them from opening too soon. 

Gerbera care tips at home

To help you enjoy your Gerberas the longest at home, we have the following care tips for you:

  • As Gerberas are sensitive to contamination, it is extra important to use a clean vase, preferably made of glass.
  • Cut the stem 2-3 cm with a clean, sharp knife or secateurs.
  • Gerberas don’t need a lot of water: half a litre of water with a 0.5 litre Chrysal Paper sachet flower food sachet or Professional 3 gives the best result for a single bouquet of Gerberas. This increases the vase life with 60% compared to water alone. And with our Paper sachet you have a sustainable packaging that includes our new bio based formula.
  • Keep flowers away from draft, heat and direct sunlight.
  • Enjoy these colourful flowers!
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