Hydrangea care tips

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Hydrangea care tips

Hydrangea care tips

We bet we're not the only ones who like this flower with its wide variety of shapes and colours. This is why we are happy to introduce to you the new Flower of the Month: the Hydrangea! There are two types of Hydrangea, the spring/summer variation and the classic variation, which blooms from summer through to autumn. If you treat them right, Hydrangeas are very rewarding flowers and they can last for over 3 weeks in an arrangement or a bouquet.

Hydrangea at home

The Hydrangeas that are available in spring/summer are mostly uniform in colour and are not left on the plant to mature. Instead they are harvested when fully opened. The classic variation, available in summer and autumn, can last for months. These flowers change colour and become papery. They originate from southern to eastern Asia and the Americas, but are now grown all over the world in greenhouses too. 


Hydrangea care tips for florists

  1. Hydrangeas have a high energy and water need. They have a very strong transpiration and also need a lot of energy to maintain colour and strength. Due to the enormous flower surface and thinness of their petals, the flower will wilt if there is not enough liquid available. If this happens, cut off about 2-5 cm of the stem with a sharp knife and place the flower in  cool, fresh water with Chrysal Syringa flower food flower food. This solution quickly hydrates the flower and boosts the energy level of the flower, which is vital for good vase life.
  2. Outdoor grown Hydrangeas sometimes have a very wooden stem end. Dutch hydrangeas are produced in greenhouses, and their peak production is in spring until late fall. Abroad they can be grown outdoors and depending on the climate they will be available year-round. Outdoor grown Hydrangeas sometimes have a very wooden stem end. In case the flower starts to wilt, cut off that part of the stem. 
  3. White Hydrangeas can turn blueish, which is a real nightmare for every florist. White Hydrangeas - most of the time used for weddings - can turn blueish in the centre of the flower when you use a post-harvest product containing Aluminium sulphate. Therefore make sure you use clear flower food or conditioners like Chrysal Professional 2 for the storage period and Chrysal Syringa flower food or Chrysal Professional 3 for the consumer phase.

Hydrangea care tips for consumers

  • Hydrangeas live up to their name so they need a lot of water. Be sure to keep an eye on the water level and top up when needed. Don't forget to use flower food though when refilling the vase with water!
  • Cut the stem 2-5 cm with a clean, sharp knife or secateurs. If the flower has a wooden stem end, cut this off completely when the flower starts to wilt.
  • Use Chrysal Syringa flower food to enjoy your hydrangeas the longest.
  • Keep flowers away from draft, heat and direct sunlight.

We also made a video, in collaboration with Kwekerij Pieter Kolk and Floral Fundamentals, on how to take care of your hydrangea at home. Take a look below!

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