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Lily care tips

This month, the impressive lily takes the spotlight. A versatile flower that fits into any interior. Unfortunately, some lilies can also be stain makers. The pollen of the lily can end up on clothing or furniture. Read here for the best ways to remove these stains. Did you know there are pollen-free lilies, and even lilies with so many petals they look like roses? These are perfect for a wedding bouquet.

Of course, you want your customers to enjoy their beautiful lilies for as long as possible. Always use clean tools, as well as clean buckets or vases. During the sales phase, keep lilies in Chrysal Professional 2. Chrysal Professional 2 is a conditioner that has just enough nutrients to keep the lilies beautiful during and in optimal condition without opening too quickly. Give your customers a packet of Chrysal Bulbosus for the vase. This special nutrition for bulb flowers contains the ingredients that ensure the lilies open beautifully and last longer with the consumer.

Lily care tips in the store

In the store, it is important to place the Lily in clean water with a conditioner like Chrysal Professional 2. This ensures a longer shelf life and that the flowers develop their colors well without opening too much.

Lily care tips at home

Use the care tips below to enjoy your lilies the longest:

  • Place the Lily directly in a vase with Chrysal Better Bloom or Chrysal Bulbosus. This will allow the buds to open beautifully, retain the intense colors, and the flowers will last up to 60% longer than with water alone.
  • Cut the stem 2-3 cm with a clean, sharp knife or scissors.
  • Remove fallen leaves from the water.

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