Peony - Flower of the Month - June 2017

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Peony care tips

Peony - Flower of the Month - June 2017

It’s the season of the peony and that's why it is the perfect Flower of the Month for June. These flowers have an undeniable charm and come in many colours and shapes. Peonies symbolize abundance, love, happiness and health. 

With the proper care, you can enjoy these large, special flowers even more. It’s all about the right timing and the right care! We have a couple of tips for you to enjoy these beautiful flowers as long as possible.

Peony care tips for growers

For growers cultivating the lush and sought-after Peony, ensuring their blooms reach their full potential is essential. Integrating Chrysal RVB Clear Intensive into your post-harvest routine can significantly enhance the hydration and overall health of Peonies. This clear, universal hydrating treatment not only stimulates water uptake to prevent bent-neck and enhance flower development but also balances the pH of all water types, improving leaf quality as well. Additionally, using Chrysal AVB, particularly beneficial for ethylene-sensitive flowers, can further extend vase life and improve bud opening, while reducing bloom drop. Together, Chrysal RVB Clear Intensive and Chrysal AVB ensure that Peonies leave your greenhouse in pristine condition, ready to captivate and charm flower enthusiasts everywhere.

Peony care tips for florists

The correct cutting stage depends on the species and this is essential. When the peonies are cut too raw, the bud will not open. When you purchase peonies, it is important to choose peonies where the bud is already slightly open and you can already see a bit of the colour. In store peonies can best be put in buckets with Chrysal Professional 2. This ensures that the peonies are kept in good condition, but don’t open too much yet. The flowers will have a longer shelf life, and this reduces waste. For flower arrangements in floral foam or vases use Chrysal Professional 3. This enables the flowers to open faster and to stay beautiful longer, up to 60% compared to water.

Peony care tips for consumers

Cut peonies 2-3 cm with a clean, sharp knife or garden shears and put them in a clean vase with water and Chrysal Paper sachet or Chrysal Bulbosus. Flower food allows the peonies to fully open and helps to maintain the colour. Remove the leaves from the stem, so that they are not in the water. Keep flowers away from ripening fruit, draft and direct sunlight. Once there is only 1/3 of the water left in the vase, top this up with more water and new flower food.

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