Post-harvest treatment

Chrysal AVB

Chrysal AVB is a post-harvest conditioner for ethylene sensitive flowers, such as sweet pea, agapanthus and delphinium. Improves vase life, diminishes dropping of blooms, leaves and buds and improves bud opening. 

  • Protects against ethylene damage and increases vase life.
  • Prevents premature shrinking and dropping of buds, leaves and blooms.
  • Reduces flower wastage and prolongs sales period.
  • Maximum active life of RTU solution is one week under cooled conditions.
  • Chrysal AVB is a registered Plant Protection Product MAPP 19041.

Extra information

  • Contains a tracer for dosing control.
  • Automatic dosing possible.
  • Available in 1litre bottles from registered stockist Dejex Supplies



Chrysal Dosing Unit

The Chrysal Dosing Unit enables the accurate

Chrysal CVBN

Chrysal CVBN is a post harvest treatment by

Chrysal AVB + BVB