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Iris care tips

This month we have a very elegant Flower of the Month: the iris. The iris is part of the Idraceae family, like freesia and crocus. She has a slim stem with three crown petals on top. The blue version is best known, but you can also find the iris in different colours. The iris is named after the Greek goddess Iris and is a symbol for wisdom, faith and hope. When you give someone an iris it means that you have a message for the receiver. To help you enjoy this flower longer, we have some care tips for you.

Iris care tips for florists:

It is of the utmost importance that any iris is treated with Chrysal BVB after being harvested. You should always buy flowers that have been treated with this solution. The flowers are often still quite raw to help increase their life span. A conditioner like Chrysal Professional 2 will help ensure that the flowers will open up beautifully.

Iris care tips for consumers:

  • Cut off 2-5 cm off the stem
  • Use a clean knife or secateurs
  • Use Chrysal Clear Bulbosus flower food, otherwise Chrysal Universal if the bulb speciality isn't available
  • Always keep your flowers away from ripening fruit, draughts and direct sunlight
  • Top up the vase with water and flower food when the water level decreases to about 1/3rd
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