How to prevent Botrytis with roses

29 August 2019

All growers of roses know the devastating effects of Botrytis. Botrytis cinerea, which is its full name, is a fungus that causes flowers to turn brown and drop their petals. The infection starts with miniscule mould spores, spread through the air. Starting as a little white spot or ‘pock’ on the flower petals, it spreads right to the bottom of the flower. It gradually changes its colour to brown and finally all the petals fall off. In order to germinate, these spores need moisture. Condensation on the bud/flower and packaging is often enough for the Botrytis spores to quickly develop.

A big problem with botrytis is that once the infection has started, it is irreversible. Unfortunately this means that there is nothing you can do except throw away infected flowers to prevent further spreading of the disease. Because of this it is very important to prevent Botrytis at the start of the distribution chain: at the growers.

To help growers in their struggles with Botrytis, Chrysal has developed the Chrysal Rose Dip Service. It offers growers a unique service in which the entire process of dipping the flowers locally at the growers is monitored by a Chrysal specialist. Growers can save costs while also improving the quality of their roses. Rose Dip is extremely effective at controlling Botrytis throughout the entire flower chain. It also enhances colours, slows down the opening of the flowers, prolongs vase life and makes long transport possible. Chrysal Rose Dip is the only registered anti-Botrytis post-harvest product, making it safe to use and up to 95% effective against Botrytis.


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